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The lyrics to Christian songs can be insightful, challenging and comforting.  They can inspire and minister to us.  If you are like me, you know some of the lyrics to some of the songs on the radio.  Often times, phrases come to mind but I just can't place the title or artist.  Fortunately, there are websites online to assist Christian music fans in finding the lyrics to our favorite songs.  In my own quest, I have found many websites that have Christian music lyrics.  However, these sites are far from exhaustive.  On many of the sites, Christian music is a sub-category.  Some of the Christian music lyric sites seem to be limited to songs from the past few years.  Probably the best site I have found thus far is christianlyricsonline.com.  You may also want to try ChristianBook.com's Song Search .

I will continue searching for quality Christian music lyric sites and will post information as I find it.  

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