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Below is a ranking of the top Imperials songs of all-time.  Rankings are based on the Christian AC airplay charts from 1978 through 2012.   

Top Imperials Songs:


1Let The Wind Blow1985
2Praise The Lord1979
3I'm Forgiven1980
4The Trumpet Of Jesus1981
5Sail On1978
6Oh Buddha1979
7Wings Of Love1987
8Taking Your Love For Granted1993
9I'd Rather Believe In You1981
10In The Promised Land1985
11Finish What You Started1981
12What Can I Do For You1980
13The Lord Of The Harvest1983
14Free The Fire In Me1988
15The Boss1989
16It's Raining Again1990
17Come Into My Life1990
18One More Song For You1980
19Be Still My Soul1981
21Somebody New1983
22Get Ready1987
23Water Grave1979
24I Will Follow1990
25We're All Looking1993
27Come Let Us Worship1991
28Devoted To You1988
29Original Love1991
30Because Of Who You Are1983
31Carry Your Heart To Me1992
32Holding On  1987
33Rest In Your Arms1989
34Taking The Time1986


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